Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Haha, okay so maybe not quite huh? BUT, playing Batman: Arkham City is probably the closest thing i'll get unless I decide to become struck by personal tragedy, travel the world honing both my body and mind to perfection and then wearing a costume followed by kicking criminal asses. Out of all of the games i've gotten/played this year, B:AC is by far my favourite. I had such high expectations going into it after LOVING the first one, and I've never had my expectations blown out of the water in a better way. EVERYTHING is a trillion times better than anything I could have expected it to be.

The flying about the city using an upgraded grapple hook and your cape is one of the most enjoyable experiences going. Not touching the ground for as long as you can becomes a mini-game of sorts for yourself, and i've caught myself just flying around for upwards of ten minutes without even realising- too fun.

The combat is way more fluid and compelling this time round. With multiple counters, extra moves and more finishers you can jump over, dodge, counter and pummel your way through combos of upwards of 70 and still have many inmates left to beat up in the combo. I thought they had it nailed with Akham Asylum, but City's combat leaves AA's feeling dated and hard in comparison.

The storyline, again written by Dini is another cracker, and you have a lot of fun with all the twists, turns and genuinely shocking moments, including an intriguing ending that leaves the series with so many different routes to follow in the inevitable sequel.

Everything that AA did AC betters in the best of ways and I've never enjoyed a superhero game more. Worthy of the game of the year, but no doubt going to lose out after one of the biggest gaming quarters I can ever remember- Uncharted 3, MW3, Battlefield 3, Batman: Arkham City, Skyrim... When will it end :p

On a side note- the collector's edition of the game I got was seriously the coolest version of a game i've ever gotten. A Blu-Ray, a STATUE, and extra DLC? Heaven :P Oh and the art book is so awesome!

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